The main reason I started to do graphic design was that I was very interested in the creative process and how things looked, felt and inspired me. I did not take any college course to learn graphic design, partially because I felt they taught a kind of cookie cutter course where most graphic designers think the same way and therefore came out with basic unexciting designs. I relate it to sites like Vistaprint where you can pick royalty free images to create a business card yourself. When ever I meet someone with a VistaPrint Business Card, I know immediately it is one. There is no real creativity to the card. I feel it takes someone with a vision that is outside the box in how they envision a design and/or logo. 

I also studied networking and how to engage with individuals to learn as much as possible to understand what they feel is important to a design they are looking for. It's important to know how to communicate with a client so that you can provide them with the end product they are looking for. That is something that is not taught in a graphic design course. 

I work closely with my clients to provide a dynamic personal experience from the moment we connect. And communication is key to providing the exact design you are looking for.

I have designed concepts from business cards, logos, stationery, small and large format signage all the way to trade show exhibit booths. 

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